For more detailed information about WSGI, please visit their website <>_. In general WSGI is preferred over mod_python mode.

  • Install mod_wsgi for Apache server (if you are using it)

  • Locate webservices/wsgi/ which provides the WSGI interface

  • Configure Apache server to something similar as:

     SetEnv PYTHONPATH /usr/local/src/pywps/ # is not installed the 'clean' way
     SetEnv PYWPS_CFG /usr/local/src/pywpsworkdir/pywps.cfg
     SetEnv PYWPS_PROCESSES /usr/local/src/pywpsworkdir/processes
    <Directory /usr/local/src/pywps/>
        Order allow,deny
        Allow from all
    WSGIScriptAlias /wps /usr/local/src/pywps/webservices/wsgi/